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7-5 Ranch was started about 1985.When I came to Texas I met my husband Steve and were Married.Previously I trained TB race horse from Florida to New York and in between.

 we started breeding  TB's and then we had Jackie in 1988, then continued with TB's thru the years, in 2003 started breeding AQHA with the purchase of Twotimes A Buckley and have fallen in love with him and what he produces, he has had several go to the Palomino World and place TOP 5 many times.

 we breed some APHA  Superior to World Champion mares and are going to be adding a few Well bred Appaloosas.

We always have some for sale and are always looking to better the herd.

 We are always open to trades if it suits both parties. Feel free to drop us a line.

 We wont be standing Twotimes A Buckley AKA Grunt to the pulbic in 2011 and will be concentrating on our own mares to sell their foals and promote them.



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