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2018 Breeding Contract
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NEW SPECIAL!!!!!!!!! Starting Feb.1 2019!!! Stud Fee Only 750.00 Stallion booked to: Kids Gotta Secret AQHA#5526771 APHA#1034399 2013 Palomino 
- Booking fee: $250 (included in breeding fee). Live cover AI on site and shipped cooled semen we also have limited frozen semen. -  fees are the responsibility of the mare owner. Must complete shipped semen or farm addendum prior to shipping or pick up.For all farm breeding questions on mare care and day or monthly rates call Dr Hutka  979-324 5822 or email 


Dr. Hutka Equine Partners Vet Service 32543

Joseph Rd. Waller, Texas 77484 979-324-5822

Discounts (select one): __ World/Res W Champion __ W/Res WC Producing mare __ Multi Mare ($100 additional discount per mare)Method of breeding (select one):
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This agreement is made between Jackie Cook  and 7-5 Ranch, herein referred to as Stallion Owner, and the owner of the mare described above and is subject to the following terms and conditions:
1.) A $250 non-refundable booking fee is due and payable upon execution of this agreement. Booking fee is included in the breeding fee. For shipped semen contracts the balance of the breeding is due prior to ordering semen. For on farm breeding the balance of the breeding fee is due and payable before the mare departs from the ranch. On farm breeding addendum must be completed prior to mares arrival at the ranch.For more farm breeding and monthly mare care or daily mare care etc.all info Please call DR HUTKA 979-324-5822
2.) Any unpaid fees owed will be billed with a monthly interest rate of 1.5%. Breeders certificate will be issued when all fees are paid in full and stallion owner
is notified of a live foal. Only one breeders certificate will be issued per paid breeding.
3.) LFG - In the event the mare fails to produce a live foal from the breeding privilege granted herein, the mare owner may re-breed the mare (or a substitute mare mutually agreed upon my the stallion and mare owners) during the following breeding season only. A live foal is defined as one that stands alone,
nurses, and lives for 24 hours. If the foal is dead, or dies within 24 hours, this guarantee applies only if the mare owner (A) notifies the stallion owner within 72 hours after the mare failed to produce a live foal, and (B) within 10 days after the mare owners notice, the mare owner provides the stallion owner with a statement from a licensed veterinarian substantiating the failure of the mare to produce a live foal. A farm fee of $350 (includes first shipment) is due on all re- breeds. Breeding fee will not be refunded.
4.) If the mare owner fails to contact the stallion owner for a re-breed the year immediately following, then any and all fees paid shall be forfeited, the right to a re- breed is canceled, and this contract is hereby terminated.
5.) Mare owner may not assign this breeding contract or substitute any other mare under this agreement without the prior written consent of the stallion owner. Any attempted assignment without prior written consent of stallion owner will, at the option of the stallion owner, terminate this agreement and release stallion owner from all obligations herein. 
6.) It is understood that if the above stallion dies or becomes unfit for service, and frozen semen is not available, this contract shall become null and void. The breeding fee less the booking fee shall be refunded to the mare owner if a substitute stallion of equivalent quality is not available.
7.) Embryo transfers: Mare owner agrees to notify stallion owner that this is an embryo transfer breeding. In the event multiple viable embryos are produced from a single flush, mare owner agrees to pay an additional breeding fee for each additional live foal.
8.) By signing this contract the mare owner certifies that he/she is the sole owner of above mentioned mare, or has authority to enter into this contract on behalf of the owner.
9.) A photocopy of the mares registration papers, front and back, must be furnished with this contract.
10.) Semen is available on a first call, first serve basis with on-site mares taking priority. Two doses will be shipped if available otherwise one dose will be shipped.
11.) 5 Panel status: Kids Gotta Secret is N/N on the AQHA UCD 5 panel genetic test meaning he does not carry GBED, HYPP, MH, HERDA, or PSSM1.
12.) OLWS status: Kids Gotta Secret is n/n and carries no copy of the Overo Lethal White gene. 

13.)Also IMM and MYG1 Myopathy N/N.
14.)The undersigned agrees to and shall indemnify and hold harmless Kim, Jackie and Steve 7-5 Ranch and its staff or contractors
from and against any and all claims, losses, damages, causes of actions, suits, and liability of any kind including expenses of litigation, court costs, and
attorney fees, for injury to, or the death of the mare/foal, or for any damage to the mare/foal arising out of, or in connection with, the services performed by
jackie Cook or 7-5 Ranch and its staff or contractors under this contract, regardless of whether such injuries, death, or
damages are causes in whole or in part out of negligence of Jackie Cook and 7-5 Ranch, and its staff or contractors.
Please sign below, enclose applicable fees payable to 7-5 Ranch, a copy of the mare's registration papers, and return to 7-5 Ranch . Pay Kim Cook using PayPal.Me  We limit the number of outside mares 

booked and may close bookings at any time.
Kim Cook
7-5 Ranch
22188 Magnolia Hills Dr.
Magnolia, Texas 77354
Cell (713) 818-2066 or Home (281) 356-5372  eMail: Wildhorse143@yahoo.com
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